Managing collections in your Shopify catalog

Comment gérer les collections de votre catalogue Shopify ?

'Collections' in Shopify, what's that?

In Shopify, we call 'collections' a group of products present in the same place. What for? As a merchant, you will be able to organize your products in your catalog, in structured groups.
Collections will help you easily manage access associated product data sheets. You'll also be able to act easily on the information and offer more updates (price modifications, image uploads, tag additions, etc).
On the cutomers' side, the advantage is also real.

Manual collections and automated collections

There are 2 types of collections in Shopify: manual and automated. They work differently and are independant from each other, but they can complement one another in the way they're used.

1. Manual collections: a group of products added one by one in Shopify and specific conditions are not applied.

The + from Sc: in Store Commander interface, you can see, on a single screen, all products contained in manual collections.
You can also add or modify in bulk, directly in Store Commander, various products and their associated properties to a manual collection. As soon as modifications have been made via Store Commander, your product catalog is updated in Shopify, thanks to the synchronization process.

With manual collections in Store Commander, you can say goodbye to adding product one by one in your Shopify backoffice.

2. Automated collections: a group of products added following specific conditions you set beforehand, as opposed to manual collections. These rules allow to gather automatically similar products (for example: according to tags, prices, types, or other information).

The possibility to automate a collection ensure you to save unvaluable time. Automatisation is a real advantage, especially when stocks will change on a regular basis with time.

The + from Sc: in Store Commander interface, you have also here the possibility to see on a single screen the categories products are associated to.

With the ergonomical interface of Store Commander for Shopify, you can then save time significantly when maintaining your shop every day.

To learn more from an operation point of view, refer to our technical documentation where you'll find various tutorials on Collections.

See you soon on Store Commander for Shopify!