Ps Day Mexico: new horizons for Store Commander

Ps Day Mexico : de nouveaux horizons pour Store Commander

PS Day Mexico will take place this 9th June, in the city of Mexico. Store Commander will be please to share this day with the PrestaShop Team Latin America.

Pablo Martinez, Customer & Partner Succes, will be representing Store Commander.

It'll be the opportunity to take a closer look of the e-commerce ecosystem in this part of the world, where these last few years PrestaShop got involved in its development.

It's the 2nd edition of this event that will take place in the great Espacion R from 9:00am to 7:00pm (local time).

Throughout the day, PrestaShop will be organizing conferences and workshops, with speakers well known in Latin America within the organization as well as external speakers specialized in this CMS.

Get more detailed information on this event on the official PrestaShop event page: PrestaShop Day Mexico


Espacio R
Avenida México Coyoacán 40,
Santa Cruz Atoyac,
Benito Juárez 03310, Mexico City