FOP Day 2021

FOP Day 2021 EN

What's the FOP Day 2021?

On October, 8th 2021, the Friends Of Presta community is organizing its first event in Poitiers (Futuroscope), the FOP Day! As a member of the association, Store Commander is pleased to organize and welcome this first edition. The Sc Team will then be able to meet, in the flesh, the other members of this very active community (even by video chat) !

Who for?

The FOP Day is mainly targetting developers and designers working with the French PrestaShop solution, as well as other professionals working with e-commerce CMS.

During this exceptionnl day, the event will be gathering for the first time in person, all who contributed to the implementatrion of the open-source culture from day one, very important with FOP.

The program

During this event, there will be 5 conferences, separated by networking time and some quality time around a coffee. The objective of this day for Friends OF Presta is to gather between 30 and 70 developers within the PrestaShop ecosystem.

Note: The FOP community helps and contributes actively to the developement of the PrestaShop CMS. In particular with the 'fair e-trade' initiative, where solutions were provided to e-merchants to be self-sufficient.

Some souvenirs of FOP Day #1: