10 Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful PrestaShop Store

10 Pitfalls to Avoid for a Successful PrestaShop Store

Multiple online shops still give a negative impression of the company when they are supposed to promote it…

The impact is immediate: loss of credibility, trust, potential customers and sales…

There are some key elements to avoid mistakes, highlighted by our editor Karine Bernasse, specialized in marketing strategy and co-owner of Store Commander.

1. The choice of a 'discount' partner...

The English expression sums up the consequences of such a choice ' you only get what you pay for'…Do not make the mistake of compromising the quality of your store, the real storefront of your company, its products and services!

Many developers tried to improvize themselves 'Prestashop experts' from one day to the next...Be attentive and ask the right questions.

2. Insufficient or inexistant specifications

It is the responsablitiy of a professional to define precise specifications to setup your online shop to suit your needs. This expert eye will save you not only time but also money on your budget by asking the right questions on what your needs are and planning the evolution of your website.

3. A labyrinthine system

Does a 'Flash' singing and dancing store with animations and pop-ups here and there really fits your company's image? And does it meet your future visitors and buyers needs? If the answer is no, then keep a low key with simplicity and elegance! Moreover, websites using Flash are not very well indexed by search engines. Keep it in mind.

4. CMS or not CMS (choice of modules, agency or not etc)

Will you have time to update your site yourself or will you outsource the service? The various technical criteria to be taken into consideration can be a maze. Joomla, SPIP, or another? Get advice from your service provider who would know the pros and cons of various available solutions better.

5. (Ir)relevant contents

No relevant content = no visitors. Stand on the other side of the mirror: it is good to talk about yoursefl, but anwering needs and questions from your prospects is even better! A content strategy and clear editorial also significantly optimize the natural indexing of your website by search engines. A weapon to be reckoned with BEFORE starting adding text and product pages on your store.

6. A shaky browsing

Once again, put yourself in your visitors shoes and make it easy for them to find your products by a fluid and enjoyable browsing of your site. Will your visitors find what they're looking for or will they be losing the thread? Get your teams and people with an impartial eye to run the tests.

7. A lack of ergonomy

Your site is done, you are satisfied. Unfortunately your visitors take too much time trying to find the information they are looking for, and disappointed they leave and will not come back to your site... An ergonomic site needs to be thought of for the benefit of inexperienced users. Never assume is a rule to adopt.

8. Outdated colors

Tastes and colors... The internet also goes by specific color codes. Make sure you work with service providers aware of the latest trends so that they can advise you in this matter, especially if you are using a new graphic design more or less suitable for the web...

9. A difficult evolution

Long term, are you planning on growing your catalog with even more references? Are you considering setting up a priviledged space for visitors requiring a dedicated backoffice? Think ahead about all the possibilities to grow your site at the same time as the growth of your company and your sales.

10. Publish online too fast

Slow and steady wins the race.

Don't be hasty. Take your time to test, test and test again! Check the spelling, make sure all categories and tabs include the correct content, run technical tests. Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor to find an empty tab or a spelling mistakes everywhere!

For some of you who are selling around the world, please don't guess the translation if you are not fluent in the native language... let a professional perform this important part and get off on the right foot!