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Modification history

Most modifications made manually within Store Commander's interface (80%) are logged under 'History', accessible from Tools menu.


 In this window you will find:

- The employee ID who made the modification

- The modification date

- The product or order ID that was modified

- The product or order property that was modified (image, price, category, feature, etc)

- The previous and current value

- The shop ID onto which the modification was made (in Multistore mode)

- and other information




 You can use the filtering tool to look for a specific product for example, by entering the product ID in the ID object column


 Some modifications can be cancelled, meaning reverting back to the previous value, using the icon  on the toolbar, once you have selected the action to cancel



 Notez that not all modifications can be cancelled, and when it is not possible, the icon will be greyed out

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