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Exportar los precios de los productos y las combinaciones en un solo archivo

With Sc csv export tool, you can export price associated to products as well as associated to combinations in a single file.

In the mapping panel, the column called 'Options2' includes various options allowing you to decide whether you want to export product or combination information.
To export price excl. tax associated to products AND combinations, then add 2 'priceexctax' fields and associate them to both options, like so:


You'll find two other options in this column: 'Default behavior' and 'Product Value if combination value is empty'

  • Default behavior:

if the option 'export combination is ticked => we export prices associated to combinations
if the option 'export combination is not ticked => we export prices associated to products

*Note that the same options are available for Price including taxes and the wholesale price.