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Sc MultiStore - FAQs

Q: What do you mean by Sc Multistore? If I order Sc Multistore, will I be able to manage 10 stores with 10 separate back offices, or do I need to run PrestaShop with the multistore option enabled?

A: You can manage up to 5 stores with our Sc Multistore and 10 with Sc MultiStore+. Sc Multistore license means multiple stores.
Therefore, you can have 3 stores installed on 3 different PrestaShop and/or a PrestaShop backoffice with the Multistore option enabled. You will install Store Commander on each store using the same license key.

Q: The multistore option is enabled in PrestaShop. Is Sc SOLO enough or do I need to buy Sc Multistore?

A: Sc Multistore is required if you have the multistore option enabled on your PrestaShop store.

Q: I would like to upgrade to Sc Multistore. How do I proceed?

A: Click on the 'change plan' link on your Subcription page, select your new plan and validate.

Q: Will I be able to manage all my stores on a single Store Commander interface?

A: Yes, as long as all you stores exist in the same PrestaShop backoffice with the multistore option enable.