Our « Partner Program » is targeted at all web agencies willing to offer their customers a smart and ergonomic application that would improve their PrestaShop backoffice.


Integrating tools onto your customers’ Prestashop interfaces to make their daily store management easier would make you stand out from other web agencies. Indeed, such tools would allow them import/export their data, increase the time of input when creating new products, and in the end customers will save invaluable time simply by dividing by 10 the time spent. Your customers will most certainly spread the word!


A full Communication Kit (logos, colors, typos, banners, product documentation) is made available as well as a Commercial Booklet for your customers that you can edit as you wish to adapt it to your commercial strategy.


Joining Store Commander ‘Partner Program’ as a web agency means that you can meet your customers’ needs by integrating made-to- measure tools. In return, your customers will be guarantee to work with an ergonomic and appropriate interface.


Increase your revenues and save your customers time by joining Store Commander ‘Partner Program’ now, and get a unique 20% discount code available in your Partner space!






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The range of applications developed by Store Commander extend PrestaShop functionalities significantly. You can really focus on very interesting functionalities rather than spending time on basic development.

Please note that the following add-ons are complementary to Store Commander module.




Grid Editor Pro - Store Commander

Targeted at experienced users:

Made for experienced users with expertise in PHP/MySQL/JavaScript, with Grid Editor Pro you can:

- Modify and create new views, grids and fields available in Store Commander’s interface exactly the way you want

- Integrate additional fields that are not present in native PrestaShop

- Adapt the interface to match the customer’s business



Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Customizing standard Prestashop fields (columns title and size, background color, alignment, sorting, filtering)
  • CSV import / export custom fields management such as: Organic label, ERP reference, booking date, composition, etc... The possibilities are endless.


Customizing your customers’ Prestashop to their business is good, but allowing them to edit data in bulk is better!





FixMyPrestaShop - Store Commander

Targeted at experienced users:

- Save time by identifying numerous potential integrity issues within your database in seconds and fix them straight way FixMyPrestashop

- Resolve integrity issues easily



Amongst the various controls, there are for example:

  • Missing product information in ps_product_lang
  • Ghost products in categories


And this is only a preview…

This module allows you to check and fix over 50 different issues occurring in various tables of your Prestashop database!





Segmentation - Store Commander

Targeted at experienced users:

- Working with data on a store is like a child’s play for you or your employee, but keeping your company professional nonetheless.

- Create made-to- measure segments for targeted marketing actions by scheduling manual, automatic or customized segments for various data such as marketing, products, customer data, order information…



For example, you could create segments for:

  • Orders including products associated to the same brand
  • Products with a specific feature value


In the end, around twenty different segments can help you manage customers’ requests in a fast and efficient way!