Enhance your photos in a few clicks

Enhance your photos in a few clicks

Product photos are essentials to the success of your online shop, and we have therefore concentrated all our energy to provide you with a suitable solution.

And now, you can easily and quickly work on all your product images, directly in the interface of your Sc App.

With the "Instant Image Retouch option" of Store Commander for Shopify, you are going to enhance your images in no time.

As opposed to a standard process that involves working images in a specific clipping software, to then reload your files on your store, there will be no transfer to be done now.

Thanks to a very clever calculation done on a remote server, images you'll be clipping with this integrated and powerful tool will be savec in real time.

You'll also find multiple complementary options allowing you to rework your images in many different ways, such as: rotate, reframe, resize or adjust the various light exposure, add effects (shadow, reflections, etc) and many more.

How does it work?

The "Instant Image Retouch" option is available and can be enabled on all Store Commander for Shopify plans.

Working an image uses 5 product updates which are automatically deducted off your current plan without any action from you. These updates are applied instantly because the images are modifed on your store in real time.

Don't wait any longer to test this functionality that will become a mst have when managing your Shopify catalog.

Optimizing images is no longer optional!