Optimizing your efficiency on your Sc for Shopify with 5 tips

Optimisez votre efficacité sur Sc pour Shopify en 5 Tips

Would you like to optimize the use of your Store Commander for Shopify App?

Well, you've knocked on the right door! In this article, we're going to give you 5 tips to make your more agile when taking control of your Store Commander for Shopify.

Let's get started!

1. Adapting the interface to your needs

Don't we always need to save time when managing information in the catalog?

With Store Commander, you can very easily play with the columns of the interface to then work on associated data.
In the first column, you can view all your Collections, in the second the products, in the third the properties of the selected product, and then on the fourth, the Variants properties.
A few options are available to you on the icon  on the toobar of the central column, allowing you can choose the columns you want to display: 1+2+3 or 1+2, or 2+3 or even 2+3+4

That's up to you!

2. Applying modifications in bulk by copying/pasting

Do you need to modify and copy the same information on multiple products (price, quantity, availability, supplier, etc)?

Nothing is more simple with Sc and its copy/paste option: right click>copy then select the products to modify, right click>paste. That's done!
Note that this copy/paste option can be used on all fileds displayed in the central column (except the ID and the image), but also in some of the properties panels, such as variants and metafields for example.

3. Managing image positions on products

Whenever you have multiple images on a product and need to reorganize the order of these images, Store Commander can help you do so in seconds.

Images are located in the Images panel in the Property column, on the right hanside.
Simply drag & drop the lines in the grid to set the new order, and validate by clicking on the icon on the toolbar.

4. Managing tags on products

Do you need to add new tags and associate them to your products?

Here's our 3 step process:

1. Filter products you need to add the new tags onto
2. Select the filtered products
3. Add and save the new tags in the 'Tags' panel in the property column

That's done! Tags are created and associated to the filtered and selected products.
Note that ticking or unticking the select box will associate or dissociate tags to selected products in bulk.
Tick or untick, your choice :)

5. Filtering a numeric column

Do you need to change a range of prices, round them up or any other action in a numeric column?

In Sc interface, you can filter numeric values with a specific value or operators like < or > to display the corresponding data.
It's also possible to display a range of values, like prices for example, using a specific operator: x..xx
Give it a try!

Give it a try yourself (and hopefully agree with us) and share these tips with your team!

Sc Dream Team