"La Minute Marchand" (The Merchant Time): Store Commander, a valued module


During Spring 2020, PrestaShop conducted interviews with many merchants to discuss their CMS usage.Through the lens of their webcam, they collected testimonials of these Middle market actors in “La Minute Marchand”.

A few minutes to listen inspiring stories and to grasp their e-commerce experiences. Discover success stories of these digital actors in interview format called "La Minute Marchand” (videos available in FR only).

These merchants are convinced of the importance of an online presence.Thus, each week, we were able to discover the journey of an e-merchant using PrestaShop from the early stages, consequences of the 2020 pandemic, favorites modules to futures goals.

Through these interviews driven by PrestaShop, the Store Commander Team was thrilled to see the excellent reputation of the module confirmed by the Community.


We discovered the testimonials of 13 e-merchants using PrestaShop, sharing their experiences through short interviews.

Store Commander was largely quoted as a reference module.

Since 2009, Store Commander is positioned as the reference solution to optimize your PrestaShop back office. Our mission is to facilitate its management and to provide you with a maximum effectiveness in your daily usage, for you to become a super-e-merchant.

Following the release of these interviews, we were also pleasantly surprised to discover the positive reviews of these e-merchants with our solution.

Delighted by these feedbacks, we were proud to discovered Store Commander quoted:

It was also a beautiful surprise to hear that:

For the question on must-have, favorite or recommended modules:

We are even more satisfied that the majority of the 13 e-merchants are already using Store Commander.

To all merchants who participated to « La Minute Marchand », we express our gratitude for these spontaneous testimonials. Our leitmotiv: ensuring to provide you with an efficient tool to optimize the daily use of your PrestaShop back office.

To our current and future customers, we warmly thank you for your trust and support.

As an official PrestaShop Partner, actively participating to the online success of your PrestaShop site is a real reward for us.