Commercial sites for chic men - The Nines


If you type “ties” or “cufflinks” into a search engine, there’s a good chance that La Maison de la Cravate or La Maison du Bouton de will appear right at the top of the results. Behind these sites lies a well-oiled marketing logic to draw in a city-dwelling and elegant clientele.


“You’d be doing well to be using Store Commander more than us,” says Erwan Desvignes, head of The Nines sites. “Initially we opened some dedicated sites for very specialised accessories, like on belts or cufflinks, for example. As these sites advertise a great number of products, we kept them while launching a premium offer on the site The Nines. Our products are therefore accessed through multiple channels and we manage the entire back office with Store Commander’s multi-store solution”.



From multi-sites to multi-stores with two physical stores in Paris, trilingual e-commerce (French/English/German) to achieve 30% of sales abroad, the possibility of buying in three different currencies (euro/pound/dollar) and stocks distributed over several warehouses, managing e-commerce configuration can be tough; hence Erwan Desvignes’s perfect knowledge of his management of the back office. “We use Store Commander on a daily basis for all tasks. These include creating product sheets by importing, exporting statistics, managing translations, choosing products to highlight on the homepage, and sending order files to logistics specialists who deal with stock and restocking. As soon as a sale is made, for example, whether in store or online, the product is deducted from the stock assigned to the store. I use the advanced stock management function for this. Another critical point is the importance of natural referencing through meta descriptions that we provide on the product sheets via Store Commander. With Sonia, who works in customer support, we’ve been able to customise fields on new products. This allows us to display more information, such as the cut or fabric. It’s really nice to be able to adapt the tool to our needs”.


In this intensive period of Father’s Day, weddings and soon sales, the export functions are in full swing. Using the relevant sales statistics, Erwan selects which products to highlight, then applies a price rule very quickly to all selected sheets.


While men make up around 65% of customers, women also buy for their partner, who is mostly a city-dweller, aged 25-40, and likely to be a business client. There’s no sportswear here: it’s all about a chic and refined look. A newsletter is regularly sent out to customers, who also follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram, and The Nines sometimes invests in an AdWords campaign. This is a very complete cross-channel strategy which is proving to be a success.