A Sc Partner network as local as international

A Sc Partner network as local as international

With over 10 years of involvement in the PrestaShop ecosystem, Store Commander has more than 300 partners in France, in Europe and across the world.
Store Commander is proud to make available a strong and well-established partner network to customers willing to be accompanied with their e-commerce projects.
On top of their specific expertise on Store Commander, these Sc Partners will be able to take the particularity of your markets and geographic zone into consideration.

To better understand the benefits of working with a local network, let’s take the example of a specific zone: the islands of the Indian Ocean.

How can a Sc Partner help you in this geographical zone?

A holiday place for some while an economic potential for others, this area has millions of inhabitants and represents a significant market of internet users. The local authorities encourage traditional shops to switch to online businesses. To get a better idea, the population is spread over seven main islands amongst the fifty that exist in the Indian Ocean.

Talking about “local partners”, means that dedicated web agencies on these areas are able to answer specific needs with local specificities considered. To name a few:

  • Traditional customs of the targeted market (languages, « us et customs », …)
  • Local business rules
  • Regional taxes: for instance, current dock dues in DROM*
  • Complex transport network
  • Communication on various time zones
  • Etc.

Ecomiz, the referring web agency in the Indian Ocean

Founded in 2010 by Johan Mizrahi, Ecomiz web agency is one of the first to obtain the PrestaShop Gold label and is now part of the finest “PrestaShop Platinium” certified web agencies. It’s present in France, Tunisia and Mauritius.

Johan Mizrahi and his Ecomiz brand in Mauritius if the PrestaShop ambassador in the Indian Ocean and thus officially represents PrestaShop in this area. As a reminder, it includes Mauritius as well as the Réunion, Madagascar and the Maldives.

As a reference in the Indian Ocean, Ecomiz can bring its expertise to local needs, whether it’s a project to drive, or the daily management of a e-shop. The agency can accompany local agencies on PrestaShop and organize training session on behalf of PrestaShop. Its involvement in local events and in the local digital community is to be mentioned:

  • expat.com events
  • CCIFM events
  • Member of French Tech Mauritius
  • Member of groups such as Webentrepreneur and Webinmauritius.

Ecomiz agency is also a Store Commander partner since 2019 and handle the solution well. On top of being competent in answering e-commerce issues such as webmarketing, design or web development, Ecomiz is also able to provide you with its technical expertise on Sc, and will be able to guide you through the optimization of your e-business with Sc.

Store Commander is a must-have tool for your PrestaShop store in order to gain in productivity and to boost your e-commerce.
In this respect, Ecomiz offers the following services:

  • Implementation and handling of Store Commander solution
  • Practice of Sc adapted to your specific needs
  • Training sessions to optimize the daily use of your backoffice via Sc.

Store Commander is delighted to know that merchants based in these territories can be successful in their e-commerce business with our strong and experimented Sc partners located abroad.

Agencies or e-merchants can contact the Store Commander or the Ecomiz teams if they need to find out more and to develop a e-commerce business in the Indian Ocean.

*DROM: French overseas department and region