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The E-commerce Trends Project

Take part in making your e-merchant job evolve

Remember last January 2016, STORE COMMANDER team sent you a questionnaire about 'new innovating service'. A few months later, your participation and the will of the "Mise En Prod" team - "Store Commander" editing company - allowed us to to provide you with a new solution to meet your needs: "Foule Factory" service integrated to our application, although this service is currently available in France. In 2018 new integrations will be added to Store Commander.

Store Commander would like to become your closest partner

The "Mise En Prod" team has been working on new innovating projects in order to improve your e-merchants day to day life by optimizing simplicity and efficiency within our offers. And because your trust in us is the quintessencial condition to success, our ambition is to make our relationship even stronger.

Our joint effort will improve our common grounds

The collected data will help us get to know you better, provide you with services and solutions to best meet your needs. You will also have access to the "Trends Results" corresponding to your e-commerce domain, as opposed to other general and annual statistics. This would then become a marketing and technology tool as precise as unique, and... offered.

You will find the list of fields gathered here.

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