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The filtering option for manufacturer/supplier is not working

When using the filtering option in the manufacturer/supplier fields (or any other fields), the data is shifted or even no data is displayed in the filtering list.

This is linked to cache/cookies.

To resolve this issue:

 Go to Catalog > Tools > Clear grid preferences for products
 Go to Catalog > Tools > Clear all grids preferences for products
 F5 or Apple+R to reset Store Commander

If the problem persists, clear cache/cookies off your internet browser, and log back into PrestaShop backoffice.

If the above suggestions do not resolve this display issue, please contact our support team using - without forgetting to provide your SC license number stored in Help > Register your license.


In the long term, to avoid having to reset your customized display, you could purchase our Interface Customization addon, that will allow you to set your Sc as you like, and even create your own personal views! 
Note that this module is included in Solo+, MultiStore, MultiStore+ and Expert plans :)