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Associating images to products and combinations by CSV import

Since Store Commander is a 100% web application, your images needs to be stored on a server (FTP).

In your CSV file, the column dedicated to images will indicate the location of the image files (for SC to fetch during the import process).

2 options are available to you:

  Store your image files on your server, for example in
> in this instance, this full URL will be used in the CSV file

 Store your image files on your FTP in /modules/storecommander/import/images/TE-03.jpg
> in this case, your CSV file will only need to include the filename TE-03.jpg



Note that you can create sub-folders in /modules/storecommander/import/images, such as /modules/storecommander/import/images/cushions.

In this case, your CSV file will need to include /cushions/image01.jpg.



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