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Assigning existing combinations to other products

Whenever you add new products to your catalog and want to use existing combinations, no need to go through the process of recreating them.

With Store Commander, you can use the copy & paste feature to easily do this, saving you a lot of time.
Most importantly, you can mass-associate an existing combination including all of its attributes, to multiple products in a single click!

To do so:

 Select the product using the combination set you want to copy across to your new product(s)

 Open the Reference View from the product Panel

 Select the product

 With your mouse in the 'Combinations' column, right-click and select 'Copy'




 Then navigate to where the new products are

 Select the products

 With your mouse in the 'Combinations' column, right-click and select 'Paste Combination_XXX'




The combination has been pasted.

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