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Activating/deactivating multiple products in bulk

Store Commander allows you to activate products in bulk on your store using the copy/paste feature.

 To do so, first display all the products you wish to activate on your store from the Products panel.

 Select the first product and change its status to 'active'. Then select 'yes' from the drop-down menu.

 The same product still selected, right-click in the column 'Active' and select 'Copy'.


 Then select the other products you wish to activate on your store using CTRL + SHIFT or the CMD key if you are working on MAC, or click on the 'Select All' icon  application_lightning.png on the toolbar.

 With your mouse in the 'Active' column, right-click and select 'Paste'.

This is it, all the products are now active on your store, in just a few clicks.

This copy/paste feature can be used to apply changes for other type of information onto multiple products in bulk.

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