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Upgrading my PDF catalog version

The PDF Catalog Module version 2.0 is a major version and therefore cannot be an upgrade of a previous version, but a clean installation is required.

You can then install this module version 2.0 following the steps explained in our article

A direct link will be added as a sub-tab of the Modules tab.

IMPORTANT before installing the updated version:

  1. Remember to recover your PDF catalogs generated with the previous module version. To do so, simply copy the contents of /modules/psepdfcatalog/export folder to /modules/scpdfcatalog/export folder.
  2. Also remember to copy/paste the information displayed in the content block and recreate the links to the catalogs.
  3. Only when steps 1 and 2 are complete, can you think about removing the previous module version from the list of Modules in your backoffice.


For more information on the PDF Catalog Module, please refer to our online documentation.