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FAQ - SC Multistore

Q: What do you mean by SC Multistore? If I order SC Multistore, will I be able to manage 10 stores with 10 separate back offices, or do I need to run PrestaShop 1.5 with the multistore option enabled?

A: You can manage as many stores as you wish with SC Multistore. Our SC Multistore license means multiple stores.
Therefore, you can have 3 stores on PS 1.4, 2 stores on 1.6, etc. It does not really matter. In this case, you will need to install Store Commander on each store using the same license key.

Q: The multistore option is enabled in PrestaShop. Is SC SOLO enough or do I need to buy SC Multistore?

A: SC Multistore is required if you have the multistore option enabled on your PrestaShop store.

Q: I would like to upgrade my license to SC Multistore. How do I proceed?

A: Log onto your account on > My licenses and select 'Upgrade to SC Multistore'.

Q: What is the maximum number of stores I can manage with SC Multistore?

A: You can have as many stores as you wish, as long as they all belong to you as a merchant. The Multistore license includes by default 3 instances. If you have more than 3, please contact us for us to add additional instances free of charge.

Q: Will I be able to manage all my stores on a single Store Commander interface?

A: Store Commander Multistore license allows you manage multiple PrestaShop stores, whatever the versions used.

If all your shops are on PrestaShop 1.6, you can enable the multistore management option in the backoffice, allowing you to manage all your stores in a single Store Commander interface. 

On the other hand, if your stores are installed on previous and separate PrestaShop versions, you will not be able to use Store Commander's multistore management feature, and therefore you will not be able to manage all your stores on a single Store Commander interface.

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