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Access to clipboard denied

 For Mozilla Firefox versions up to 1.5.0 & Store Commander versions up to 2012-10-04:

This error occurs when you try to use a tool to place content on the clipboard. By default, browsers block access to the clipboard from web pages.

You may only use this tool in Firefox if the clipboard has been enabled.

To enable clipboard use in Firefox: (setting only needs to be changed once), simply open a new tab and enter the following in the address bar:

This will display your Firefox configuration in list form. In the search box at the top of the list, type:

The value for this setting is False by default. 
Double-click on 'False' to change the setting to 'True'.

Return to Store Commander (no need to restart Firefox) and click on the desired tool: a final pop-up warning is displayed. Click Ok to confirm the setting for your website and you will be able to use all the clipboard-related functions.


 For Mozilla Firefox versions 15.0 and above &Store Commander versions 2012-10-29 and above:

From version 15.0 Firefox has removed this clipboard functionality.

Rather than missing out on this option, we have modified the clipboard process in Store Commander. 

From Store Commander version 2012-10-29, the 'Quick export' icon found on Products and Combinations toolbars, now displays a new window with the copied data which you can select and paste into Excel or OpenOffice.

This functionality is also available for all internet browsers.