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Combinations Grid: Adding a field from a table outside the products table


- Store Commander version 2014-03-12
- SC Grids Editor Pro Add-on - version 1.0
- The field needs to exist in your database



We would like to add the field 'BIO Label' which will allow to differentiate this type of products in the grids.

For this example, this field is located in ps_label table  id_product_attribute ; label_bio (0/1) ).

We will then be able to:

- use the filters in the grids to optimize the selection of combinations
- mass-edit this field using Store Commander's copy/paste option
- rapidly export the combinations grid with this field



To add the field to the list of available fields for your products grids, click on the add.png in the 'Add a field' panel and enter the following information:

What is the field ID?:  label_bio (should be exactly the name as it is in the database).


  • SC creates the field, you now need to populate the grid with:

Field name: BIO Label

Table: special

Type: multiple choice


  • From the Advanced Properties panel:

SQL Select :

return ' ,lab.label_bio';


SQL Left join :

return ' LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'label lab ON (lab.id_product_attribute = pa.id_product_attribute) ';


PHP definition :

$combArray[$combinaison['id_product_attribute']]['label_bio'] = $combinaison['label_bio'];


PHP onAfterUpdateSQL :

if (isset($_POST['label_bio'])){
    $sql = "UPDATE "._DB_PREFIX_."label 
            SET label_bio = ".(int)Tools::getValue('label_bio',0)." 
            WHERE id_product_attribute=".(int)$id_product_attribute;


  • If you wish to add a yes/no choice, from the advanced properties panel:

List of choices:

return array(1=>_l('Yes'), 0=>_l('No'));


  • Exit the editing window and add the field to your grids:

Select the combinations grid

Drag/drop the field in this grid

To use the list of choice, select 'Type: multiple choice (Type A) for this field