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Moving Store Commander /admin/ version to /modules/ version

Your Store Commander is currently installed in the /adminXXX/ directory of your store and you wish to use the /modules/ version. 

Here are the steps to follow.

 Log onto your customer account > my account > my licenses to reset your license by clicking on the provided link of the same name.

 From the PrestaShop backoffice

  • Administration > Quick Access: delete Store Commander
  • Modules: add Store Commander's installation file that you can download from
  • PrestaShop > Modules > Store Commander Installation Module: install the module by following the online instructions
  • At the last step, enter your license number in the corresponding box on the Welcome page

Store Commander is now updated and accessible from the Modules menu in PrestaShop Backoffice.

 Log onto your FTP

  • Browse to /adminXXX/SC_TOOLS/ and copy/paste the contents of the folder in /modules/storecommander/XXXX/SC_TOOLS/
  • Browse to /adminXXX/import/ and copy/paste the contents of the folder in /modules/storecommander/import/
  • Save (as a zip file) folders /adminXXX/SC/ and /adminXXX/SC_TOOLS/ locally
  • Delete the folders /adminXXX/SC/ and /adminXXX/SC_TOOLS/

 Important NOTES

  • /XXX/ is a serie of letters and numbers corresponding to your own security key
  • Store Commander's module version uses a different URL from the /admin/ version (hence deleting Store Commander from the Quick Access menu in step 1 above). Therefore remember to modify any shortcuts/bookmarks you might have.
  • The following message pops up when applying the upgrade:

The Store Commander version your are trying to use is too recent for your current support pack. Please use an older version or renew your support on to use the latest updates.

This means that your support and update period has expired and therefore updates cannot be applied.

You can log onto your account > My licenses to add 6/12 months period to be able to apply Store Commander updates and access our dedicated support (Solo & Multistore licenses).

Alternatively, contact our support team.

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