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CSV Export: check and correct the field level_depth

You get the message "Check and correct the level_depth field" from the menu Catalog > Tools to edit your categories (id_category:819)" when performing a CSV export.

There are a couple of solutions:

  • Use the tool indicated under Catalog > Tools > Check and Fix Categories, and reload the import
  • Should the problem remain, this means that there is an integrity problem in your database. 


For the latter, you then need to look into the database tables in order to identify the category (by phpMyAdmin for instance):

  • If id_category 819 is not present in the table ps_category but id_category 819 is present in the category ps_category_lang:

Create a new entry in the table ps_category with the id_category = 819 ; id_parent = 1; position = 999

You will find the category at the root of your website

  • If id_category 819 is present in the table ps_category but id_category 819 is not present in the category ps_category_lang:

Delete data related to id_category 819 in the table ps_category

  • If id_category 819 is not present in the table ps_category and that id_category 819 is not present in the category ps_category_lang:

Look into ps_category if id_parent 819 exists: if it does exist, then replace the value id_parent 819 by id_parent 1: you will find this category at the root of your website.

  •  if id_category 819 is present in table ps_category_shop and is not present in ps_category AND is not used as id_parent:

Delete data related to id_category 819 in ps_category_shop


Also note that Sc FixMyPrestashop verifies the integrity of all categories tables of your database, directly from Store Commander's interface, and also fixes any errors found, all in just a few seconds.