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Associating features to my products by CSV import

Store Commander allows you to associate features to your products in bulk in a quick and simple manner thanks to its powerful CSV import tool.
It is such a time saver when it comes to adding features to dozens or even hundreds of products!


With Store Commander, you can add set feature values or customized values.

Set values: the feature group is created within Store Commander's interface under Catalog > Features, and the value is associated to that group.

 Customized values: the feature group 'Customized' exists by default. The value is free text that you manually enter in the Features grid in the Properties column.

You can associate the features to your products manually within Store Commander's interface from the Features grid in the right-hand-side column:




Store Commander's CSV Import tool would perform the same task, only in bulk, meaning associating features to hundreds or even thousands of products in no time.

The import process allows you to create new products and associate their features at the very same time, or simply add features to existing products.

Either way, the import principle remains the same.


Your CSV file would be:



The corresponding mapping would be:



To create new products & their features, the identification option would be: 



To associate features to existing products, the identification options would be:


Please note that Store Commander can create new features values automatically during the import process. You can therefore tick the corresponding option in the import panel:



Once the import is completed, the features have been created and associated to the products in no time:



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