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Associating categories to products by CSV import

If you are adding new products to your store with Store Commander's import tool, and would like to place them in multiple categories, your CSV file will use the following format.

There are two possible scenarii:

 Categories exist

Your CSV file only includes the name or the ID of the default category.

If you are associating your products to multiple categories, then your file will need to include an additional column 'Categories' which will have the default category as well as all other categories (names or IDs), separated by a comma (if the value separator is also the comma in your import configuration).




 The categories do not exist

Store Commander allows categories to be automatically created via its import process.

Your CSV file will need to include the full category tree structure, whether you are associating your products to one or more categories.

If you associate your products to only one category, then only the default category is needed.

If you associate your products to other categories, then your CSV file will include an additional column with the full structure of each additional category, and including the default category.

The name of the categories and sub-categories are separated by the sign '>'.

In the below example, the sub-category 'Boots' will be the default category, and 'Winter Shoes' an additional category.



Remember to tick the automatic creation of categories in your import configuration:




  • If you do not specify a default category in your import file, the default category will automatically be the 'yourfilename.TODO.csv' folder created. Therefore do not forget to add a column for the default categories in your CSV file.
  • If you do not tick the automatic creation option, your products will be imported and placed in 'yourfilename.TODO.csv' folder.
  • By default, categories created by import are enabled. You can modify this option in Store Commander > Tools > Settings > Import > Default status of created categories'

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