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Associating features to my products by CSV import

With Store Commander you can associate features to your products in bulk in a quick and simple manner using the CSV import tool.
It is such a time saver when it comes to adding features to dozens or even hundreds of products!


With Store Commander, you can add set feature values or customized values.

Set values: the feature group is created within Store Commander's interface under Catalog > Features, and the value is associated to that group.

 Customized values: the feature group 'Customized' exists by default. The value is free text that you manually enter in the Features grid in the Properties column.


Your CSV file will include a column per feature group, and feature values in the cell for each product.



The corresponding mapping would be:


To create new products & their features, the identification option would be: 


To associate features to existing products, the identification options would be:


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