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Installing Store Commander for Shopify

The Store Commander for Shopify installation done through several steps, described below.

Find Store Commander into the App list and click into 'Intall the application'

  • Step 1: To start your free trial period of 7 days, please accept our Terms and Conditions and click into the green button 'Subscribe'.

  • On the Approvment page click into 'Start free trial':

  • Step 2: Your store catalog will soon be copied, clik into 'I'm ready! Start the copy of my catalog'

  Be careful: during the copying time, please do refrain from adding or deleting information of your
catalog, to avoid any disruption with the data import process!

  • The copy of your catalog to Store Commander started: this operation may take a while, please do keep this page open to avoid interferring with the data import.

  • Step 3: The data process is finished, click into 'Go to Store Commander'

  • And the App Store Commander is ready! Click into 'Start'

Store Commander interface opens and you can get to work right on your e-shop :)