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FAQ - Store Commander

Q: How do I install Store Commander on Shopify?

To install Store Commander, follow these instructions:

1/ Go on the Store Commander page in the Shopify App Store

2/ Click on "Add app" and follow the basic installing process. No need for tedious configuration !


Q: What are the different subscription plans?

In a fist step, we offer a single subscription called "basic". Stay tuned because we will offer new subscription plans et features in the next few months.


Q: Can I unsubscribe any time?

Your subscription plan can be stopped at any time but will come to an end at the anniversary date. From this date, you won't be able to access to Store Commander.


Q: What happen if I stop my subscription?

Your plan will come to an end at the anniversary date and you won't be able to access to Store Commander afterwards. All your data will be deleted from Store Commander but will remain in your Shopify boutique.


Q: What can i do if I have a problem with my subscription?

If you have any questions or problems with our products or your subscription plan, please contact our support team.


Q: Are the prices included VAT ou excluding VAT?

The prices displayed of our different subscription plans are excluded VAT.


Q: Is the Store Commander Interface can be switched between several languages?

The Store Commander interface is available in French and English. 


Q: Is Store Commander available on others platforms?

Store Commander is also available with PrestaShop stores. 


Feel free to contact us. We will respond your queries as soon as possible.