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Store Commander for Shopify, the beginning....



You're one of the first user of Store Commander for Shopify as a world eXcLuSive :)


Operational principle of data synchronization between Shopify and Store Commander

  • The data of the Shopify store are stored on a cache system when opening Store Commander
  • Products displayed in the interface, main grid, with a column called 'Modified in Shopify'
  • Products modified within Shopify via another App, or another user, will show 'YES' on a red background in this column (works with Shopify webhooks)
  • It's then necessary to fetch this information by refreshing the cache: select the concerned products and hit the icon  on the product toolbar


Published developments

  • Fast navigation in the catalog
  • Easy editing in 'Excel' mode, image uploads
  • Mass editing of Metafields, tags
  • Associating products to collections in bulk
  • Managing multi-description to concatenate in the Shopify Description Field by a separator
  • Quick export to copy/paste in Excel


Current developments

  • Scheduled prices tools: increase or decrease prices between specific dates
  • CSV export file

Future developments (under condition...)

  • Advanced CSV Import
  • Multi-languages
  • Collection metafield management


Known issues (bug hunting is open, this is just a matter of time...)

  • no reported bug as of now  :)


Page updated on 2020-12-11