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Increasing product prices of a specific supplier

With Store Commander you can increase prices on products associated to a specific supplier.

For instance, say one of your suppliers increases its prices by 2% each year, and you need to apply this percentage to all of this supplier's products in your catalog at once.

Store Commander allows you to do so in just a few seconds by following these steps:

  • From Catalog > Product List
  • Use the filter option to display all products from a specific supplier (in the Large view)
  • Click on the mass selection icon  on the toolbar 
  • Right-click on the list of selected products and select 'Mass Update > Sell price exc. tax - Products' 
  • In the new window, enter for instance '2%' to update the prices of all the selected products with a 2% increase, and OK to validate

This is it! If you had hundreds or thousands of products from this manufacturer, they are now all updated with the new prices in just a few seconds.

You can of course decrease prices, using a negative value, or increase/decrease using amounts as opposed to percentages.
You can also decide to increase/decrease price incl. tax, choosing the corresponding option in the popup menu.


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