New Prestashop Module up for release: FixMyPrestashop


Currently in beta testing for release planned in a couple of weeks, the new Scan & Repair module will allow you to check and fix integrity issues in your your Prestashop database.

It’s all well and good but what does it mean exactly?



Say for instance you have a parent category singled out. This module will detect it by displaying an error  message allowing you to put the category back to the root of your store.


+ capture avec la fonction en question entourée


Say you have missing translations in some fields. Again the module will unveil this discrepancy allowing you to identify and complete missing translations.


+ capture avec la fonction en question entourée


Last example with ghost products present in some categories : Scan & Repair will list all deleted products but still present in some categories so you can sort it out quickly.


+ capture avec la fonction en question entourée


Dozens of similar practical and useful checks will be available in the final version. If you would like to be warned of immediate release and benefit from a special early bird discount price, please sign up here + link to gdoc


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