Amazon module for PrestaShop:
Manage your store on the marketplace better

You are exporting your products via the Amazon Market Place module by Common-Services, and you have lots of products to be configured?

Use SC Amazon to input the information in bulk on multiple products in just one step!

In a blink of an eye, you can identify whether products are part of your Amazon export thanks to the Amazon column added to Store Commander central views.

You can also update all required information on each product directly in Store Commander, using the dedicated panel, and of course taking advantage of all of Store Commander functionalities: multi-selection and copy/paste to work faster and more efficiently!

Save time when managing your products on Amazon marketplace

If you have invested in Amazon platform, you must have noticed various constraints from that firm, but also on technical aspect of the data transfer between serverss. You therefore need to:

  • Maintain various information on products
  • Adapt prices dynamically
  • Manage sales catalogs traffic
  • Get order information

With Store Commander mass update functionalities, you will be able to manage all product information to be sent to Amazon easily. The PrestaShop module 'Amazon Market Place' developed by Common Services will then send the data to Amazon, and get the Amazon order information to your PrestaShop store.


Sc Amazon ideally complements the PrestaShop "Amazon Market Place" module

You'll need to subscribe to Store Commander Solo+ or MultiStore+ plan, as well as installing Amazon Market Place module from our partner Common Services.

Prerequisites: Latest version of Store Commander & Amazon Market Place module

Updates: All future Sc Amazon updates will be included in your Store Commander updates, so no additional cost involved.

Support: Sc Amazon does not modify the Amazon module whatsoever. It only updates the database of your PrestaShop store. Our support is available if any problems are encountered with our Sc Amazon, but we do not provide technical assistance on the actual Amazon module.


Store Commander, a tool already present on thousands of online stores

The Store Commander experience has been unique for over 10 years now. With more than 40,000 downloads, Store Commander is appreciated by 98% of asked customers. It's above all an e-commerce productivity platform, that is also now servicing your online shop on Amazon.

What can I modify in bulk with Store Commander:

  • Identify products of your catalogu published on Amazon
  • Select multiple products
  • Filter, compare and modify descriptions and prices
  • Copy/paste specific information
  • Force prices on product combinations
  • Adapt product information to various language zones (fr, en, es, it, etc)


The more the products, the more you'll save time and improve your margins.

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Comment utiliser ce module ?

Pré-requis : abonnement Store Commander actif, module de Common Services installé

Store Commander détecte si le module de notre partenaire est installé et les outils sont disponibles automatiquement

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