Karine Bernasse, Store Commander: Hi, you are the E-Commerce Director of Les Jardineries Dupoirier on www.jardineries-dupoirier.com. Tell me about your shop.


Clément Dupoirier  Les Jardineries Dupoirier are specialized in products for animals, gardening and outdoor decoration. We offer a large range of products with over 15000 available references. 


KB: What criteria influenced your decision to purchase Store Commander?


CD: I am a enthousiastic Prestashop user, I have used other solutions such as Prestapricing, Store Manager… and one day, attracted by Store Commander, I adopted it.
Why? The other products I used (even Prestashop approved) let me down: slow execution time for one and no developer for the other, it was a real disaster for my business.

KB: In simple terms, what are the advantages using Store Commander today for you?


CD: From the day I used Store Commander, I save invaluable time when performing daily tasks on managing my internet shop whether it relates to the catalog, importing photos but also preparing orders to be sent out. I am not saying that Store Commander does everything but it does an awful lot and it is today my best friend to use Prestashop easily and delegate tasks.

And the Grids Editor add-on allows me to insert additional data I need for my business and input invoices on my ERP in bulk, a solution that does not exist on the ERP. All my staff would love to have a similar ERP.

When it comes to the after sales service and Prestashop, many e-merchants like me would say: "if you cannot work it out yourself, good luck!". With Store Commander, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very responsive service. Despite using a restrictive hosting provider, the customer service department has always looked into any issues I might come across and most importantly resolved them. This is rather rare when we already know Prestashop.

Prestashop is a good free tool, but when problems arise, it becomes complicated to contact Prestashop and you either get a very late response, or none at all.

Today, I don't feel alone and for me Store Commander is the best interface to manage my catalog, with a responsive customer service and hope they keep it up!

KB: Thank you very much for this testimonial. We wish you the best with Les Jardineries Dupoirier in 2015.


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