In which case is it beneficial to automate your products updates?

I  Update your prices, stocks, descriptions, SEO, etc 


  • For instance, you have a database containing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of references that your supplier suggests you add to your store, in French or in any other languages. 

  • A new database, partial or full, is available to your supplier every day (for availability, wholesale prices, etc…). The CSV file available is rather large in size, 50MB for example. To be certain to provide a consistent service to your customers, your online store needs to be updated on a daily basis using this large file.

  • Also, some additional fields are likely to have been integrated to your Prestashop database: labels display, additional information on your products or on catalog prices.



In these cases, a manual update is not possible... considering the amount of data modified daily on the related products.


So how are you going to avoid these time-consuming manipulations?


Store Commander application allows you to automate these very time-consuming or technically difficult operations we have just mentioned with its integrated CSV import functionalities, especially for:


  • prices or stocks update from your suppliers

  • data synchronization with your ERP



You can for instance:





II Publish your products on market places and price comparators, create customized lists



Another example on CSV exports this time:


  • You have a Prestashop store and you would like to export your products catalog onto Amazon, eBay, or onto a site that does not accept Prestashop import?

  • You would like to create a list of products to run a stock inventory?

  • You would like to control information on your products pages with a description of their packaging?



Store Commander allows you to create export scripts that you can use to export on market places and price comparators, as well as for your customized lists.


For instance, once your Amazon export script is setup, you can use a CRON task to automate this export regularly:



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