Sales Promotion


In this first article, we will discover a series of actions to promote sales on your online store.


1. Cross-selling


This means suggesting to your customers to purchase articles associated with the product they are looking at or that they already have bought on your store. You are then certain to get their attention with these accessories directy linked to the product they are interested in.


You can for instance offer your range of belts to customers who already bought trousers! 


To associate accessories to your products in Store Commander, display the Products panel. Once you have selected the product you wish to add accessories onto, open the Accessories grid from the Properties panel.


Click on the icon  to display all products in your store. You can then tick the articles which will be accessories to the main product.


Once this is done, you can check the product page (right-click option 'See on shop'). You will notice a new tab called 'Accessories' showing the products you have previously selected.



2. Chasing abandoned carts

Chasing abandoned carts is a technique allowing you to contact prospect customers who visited your store, but gave up their carts before ordering.


To find these abandoned carts in Store Commander, open the Customers interface from the Customers tab, and select the Convert view.

You can then find information about the customer, such as:

  • Number of articles in the cart
  • Total amount in the cart


You can use the filter tool to display carts with at least 1 product.

With the option , you will be able to have the displayed list in a spreadsheet.


You can then start an email campaign to chase online visitors who abandoned their carts.


3. Put your products forward as 'New Products'

This tip is to put forward forgotten products back on the scene by labeling it 'new product', so that it can be displayed in the 'new products' block/tab on your store.

To do so, you simply need to change the product's create date in the Large view of the Products panel.

In the column 'Creation date', replace the current date with today's date. The product will then be set as new and will be put forward on your store!





4. Prepare your promotions in bulk

Preparing your sales and promotions is often a chore being a long a repetitive process.

In Store Commander, once you have selected a category, select the products you wish to apply a discount onto from the central panel, using CTRL to select them individually or click on the icon   to select them all.
Then, open the Specific Prices grid in the Properties panel.

On the toolbar, click on the add icon .
The line created displays the IDs of all selected products.

Enter the discount percentage or amount in the corresponding column, the start and end date of the promotional campaign.



A promotion has been created and associated to multiple products in just a few minutes.


5. Display the 'On Sale' pictogram

This pictogram allows the internet users to quickly identify a product on sale.

To display the On Sale pictogram, open the Discount view in Store Commander.

You will find the On Sale column. You simply need to select 'yes' for the pictogram to be displayed on the product page.


You can verify the front office (right click on the product, option 'See on shop'), the product includes the 'On Sale' pictogram!

In our next article, you will find advice on how to optimize your customers relationship management with Store Commander!