Interview of Erwann Pichard, founder and CEO of e-commerce store



Karine Bernasse, Store Commander: Hi Erwann. You are the founder and CEO of e-commerce store Tell us about your e-shop and the reasons for choosing to optimize your Prestashop back office.


Erwann Pichard: Being a professional cook, PrestaShop’s slogan ‘Create your store in 5 minutes’ seemed awsome!! The adventure started two years ago and I am not counting the hours lost in discovering, data entering, understanding, etc…

So, there is a time when a little investment is going to save you hours and this is when you decide to purchase Store Commander. It is not the first moduleI have bought from that company since I also own the PDF Catalog module.

Professional and available people, always ready to help. My only regret: not purchasing Store Commander sooner when I started my Prestashop store! :)




KB: What criteria influenced your decision to purchase Store Commander?


EP: I have allergies. As soon as I sit in front of my PC I have fever and spots coming out :) Store Commander is today the only solution working on all our MACs.




KB: Would you recommend Store Commander to another Prestashop merchant? 

Eyes closed!! I am not going to demonstrate with a minimum wage the time and therefore the money you will be saving. I think this is the first module that should be purchased when you decide to begin a PrestaShop adventure.




KB: What piece of advice would you give to a merchant currently evaluating Store Commander for Prestashop? 


EP: Make sure you read all different users guides to fully harness the power of Store Commander!




Thank you Erwann for sharing your experience with us. We wish you all the best for 2014 with!