Presentation of the QuickAccounting module

  • The module QuickAccounting is a more advanced version of 'Export Orders'.
    Please refer to this comparative table listing the functionalities of both modules in order to choose the right version of the module for you.

  • QuickAccounting includes not only numerous export possibilities and orders filtering options, it also allows you to breakdown your orders by country, VAT, currency, payment method, etc for accounting purposes, whether you are managing the accounts yourself or use the services of a professional accountant.

  • You only need to configure and save your export templates once only! The following month, you will only need to change the filters to then send the new spreadsheet to your accountant in a couple of clicks :)

Watch the presentational video now!



  • New! Discover how it works and find out how it can perform for you in the video!

  • You can test the module QuickAccounting by creating a Live Demo on our website
    Once you are into shop's interface, go to Orders > QuickAccounting.

  • QuickAccounting is available as classic Prestashop module.





  • Upon payment received, you can download the .zip file which contains the module to add to the /modules folder of your store. You will then go to Prestashop Backoffice > Modules to select 'Install'. The module will then be accessible under Orders > QuickAccounting




  • Prestashop 1.2 to 1.4.x
  • Module version: 1.0



Technical support


  • This module will be updated according to e-merchants’ needs and Prestashop’s future releases. Technical support is provided by Store Commander Sarl by email on