It is more productive and efficient to automatize repetitive actions such as emailing a coupon code to prospective customers X days following their abandoned carts, sending a birthday wishes message each year, emailing a newsletter every 7 days at 9am, etc. In order to free your mind one uses Cron tasks to automatize these repetitive and regular actions.

A Cron task is in fact a script configured to trigger an 'alert' which will kick off at regular intervals and that will wake up your Prestashop modules so that they can perform such or such specific job.


Two alternative ways are available to you to create a Cron task and automatize your products modifications and creations using Store Commander's CSV import feature:


  • You either have a dedicated server or a shared hosting plan that still allows you to do specific things ==> you can ask your administrator to configure the Cron task directly from our Store Commander's instructions 
  • You use a shared hosting service that is not flexible for you to do things ==> install the Crontab module in order to be able to  execute our script on this page or alternatively you can go to an external paid service such as that will allow you to execute our script without having to download the Crontab module.


We are now going to show you how to configure the free Crontab module developped by Samdha on your store. You can then apply the complimentary method to configure a Cron task for Store Commander.

First you need to download the Crontab module on your store. The module is available on this modules website.

Here is how to configure CronTab in Prestashop 1.5:


  1. Log onto your Prestashop back office
  2. Select the Modules option on the toolbar
  3. The list of modules available for your store is then displayed. To upload the CronTab module, click on  'Add a new module' located at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  4. Click on the  Upload this module  button so that it loads up on your store.
  5. Once loaded, search for the module entitled Crontab for PrestaShop in the list of modules. Then click on the Install button on the right hand-side of the module line.

  6. Once installed, a successful installation message will be displayed on your screen. Go to the module configuration panel by clicking on "Configure". On this page, select the Method using the drop-down menu (see screenshot below). Then type the Cron script path in the URL field. The drop-down menu Schedule will allow you to choose preset intervals or create your own by selecting Other.


    The option Other displays a spreadsheet in order for you to set up the frequency at which the Cron task should be executed

  7. Click on Save to finish the module configuration. The script is now ready to run at intervals that you set up!

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