Each month, we shall attempt at presenting a qualitative module which we ether use ourselves or which we judge qualitative enough to you save time and boost your e-store performances.
Today we selected the Super User module developped by French developer Julien Breux. This very practical module allows you connect as any customer on your back office in his place.


What's in it for you?


  • You received customers' orders by post, fax or telephone? Enter the data quickly on your Prestashop store by connecting on your customers' account in their place from your back office.

  • A glinch during the ordering process? That would be a shame to miss out on a potential sale! Connect yourself in place of your prospective customer and guide him all the way through the process!

  • A visitor puts articles in his cart but for some unknown reason cannot order? Simulate the content of his cart in order to identify the problem and resolve it swiftly!


Version 1.6 of Julien Breux' module has been modified as Version 1.7 to make it partly Prestashop 1.5 compatible as of today (February 28th 2013). Thanks to Julien for this very useful module on a daily basis!


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