Create and update your products and combinations easily in a flash!


  Create your products by CSV file and and update your stocks in bulk
  Import your products combinations by CSV file
  Use our checklist so that nothing is forgotten and run successful imports first time! 



Store Commander's CSV import tool allows you to import many elements very quickly.

Regarding imports from external URLs such as imports from your supplers, Store Commander's CSV import can also process them AUTOMATICALLY when importing imges from external URLs or when images are located on the server, WITHOUT CREATING DUPLICATED IMAGES.

You can also run automated tasks, such as:

  • Creating elements that do not exist in the database: manufacturer, suppliers, feature values, combination attributes
  • Creating combinations
  • Associating images to combinations
  • Creating your tree structure specifying 'Men>Shirts' for instance
  • Associating products to multiple categories
  • Updating existing products and creating new products
  • Processing errors and continue the imports without having to clear the errors and start from the beginning
  • and much more tips which will help you invaluable time!