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SC Multiple Features: Manage multiple features on your products with Store Commander!


This addon is complementary to Multiple Feature module from Presta-Modules, and allows you to manage multiple features on your products fast within Store Commander.


Associate multiple features to a single product

Select dozens of products and associate dozens of features to them in a few clicks only

Delete features off products in bulk so that you can come with a clean slate!

Import multiple features in bulk with Store Commander's CSV import tool


Try it for FREE

Don't hesitate to try Multiple Features for free!
Click on the 'Try it on a demo store' button on your left.

All our PrestaShop modules are present on the virtual demo shop, Store Commander included.

When this addon is installed, you will find a new 'Multiple Features' panel in the Properties column in Store Commander interface.


Try it on a demo store


PrestaShop 1.5 à 1.6.x


The Multiple Feature module

Active update period on your SC license


Apply SC Update under Help>Update


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