APIWAY.tools is changing its name and is now… APIRunRun!

APIWAY.tools is changing its name and is now… APIRunRun!

Building on its success at the Paris Retail Week 2017 tradeshow, and great positive feedback, our team has decided to take the opportunity to change the name of this new solution to a more suggestive one bringing forwards its qualities of a backoffice data mas management solution: APIWAY.tools has now become APIRunRun!

APIRunRun translates both the ease of integration to various existing technologies by API, as well as ultra fast task processing. Particularly with the iteration of the English verb « (to) run » evoking the idea of speed of execution, agility but also full control management.

APIRunRun reveals our ambition to improve your customer experience to better respond and fulfill your expectations. By doing so, we wanted to not only value some of our assets, but to also invest in values for the future: APIRunRun, our most recent application, was made in the spirit of innovation and services.

Our whole team is delighted to share with you this brand new solution which is the fruit of our experience combined with your wise professional comments. We hope to enhance your day to day life and business. And as fast as possible.

So don’t waste time any longer to boost your business, whatever the technology used: Activate your management (of backoffice) and speedup your time (of treatment) using… APIRunRun!


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