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Imagine having Super-Powers


And another new service!
Keeping its creativity, the always dynamic « Mise En Prod » team - Store Commander's publishing company - would like to share an important news: indeed, we are very proud to present you with our latest creation, our new application!, your personnal source of powers application has been designed to help you, guide you, and walk along with you towards the success of your business. Consider it as a kind, friendly and 'rather' special friend: just being near him will give you real powers, super powers...  Cool, isn't it!

Think about:

•    Working at lightning speed!

This innovative application has been designed to provide you with a large spectrum of powers able to transform and simplify your working life. Indeed, it allows you to manage your entire customer contacts directly via your CSM. You then have the power to 'flash process' data in bulk ultra quickly

•     Having eyes everywhere!

The possibilities of this innovation go even further: you have a 'universal vision' with a diversity of solutions (such as CRM, CMS, ERP, Emailing, Medias) that help you manage your business as efficiently as if you could multiply yourself

•    Playing the sorcerer's apprentice!

How about getting a troop of volunteers to help you with the tedious tasks? With 'FOULE FACTORY' solution included in, you now have the power to 'recruit over 50 000 helpers' to quickly enhance your product pages for you... You are free to use this time saved to develop your business efficiently!


... And this is just a preview of the new powerful capacities available to you... wins the fight against costs

Customer satisfaction will always be our priority. This is why we asked to make use of its powers and to challenge prices in keeping them low for you. The result: less than 1€ per day (per user) to access amazing super powers. So cool! brings your teams together to make them stronger

Having powers 'comes with important responsabilities': with, you will be sure to keep hold of your financial resources and use them whenever necessary. Depending on your needs and the number of users (as well as the requreid solutions and technologies), you will be able to setup your teams of super heros as you wish!


Created by « Mise En Prod », Store Commander's publishing company, the premier software solution in bulk data management, application is today perfectly integrated to Store Commander's solution.


Efficient, friendly, economical and really simple: will help and guide you to make your super-business a success. Yes, that's right, is a SUPER-FRIEND for the SUPER-PROFESSIONAL that you are!

Just a click on the following site will provide you with a preview of what makes the power of application. And this dynamic and scalable tool will continue to surprise you with its endless possibilities.

And the number of super powers are yet to be discovered....!