FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the SC Free work?

A: You may use Store Commander's functionalities included in this version free of charge for an unlimited period of time and with unlimited products. If you wish, you may also try out the demo on a virtual e-shop boasting over 450 products to get a fulll overview of what Store Commander can do for your store on a daily basis.


Q: Is Store Commander's license permanent?

A: When you choose a Store Commander's paid license, you purchase a license without subscription with free support included for the duration associated to the license you purchased. Past this period,  you may continue to run Store Commander without upgrading to a new version or renewing support after your initial support period has ended. Total freedom.


Q: What kind of support goes with the permanent license

A: Each license type benefits from specific support options which you may review in the following comparative table. Once the initial support period has expired, you may choose either to continue running Store Commander as it is (without support nor updates nor new functionalities), or upgrade for a higher level license with its associated support, or purchase an additional renewal support & updates pack for your current permanent license.  Please refer to the comparative table for Store Commander Support on our Prices page.


Q: Can Store Commander be installed locally?

A:  No, Store Commander has to be installed directly on your store, not locally.


Q: Do I need a license for each of my Prestashop online businesses?

A: Store Commander's SC Lite and SC Solo licenses cover a single domain name or sub-domain. We have specific offers for multistores management with SC Multistores.


Q: Can I switch license whenever I want?

A: YES! All you need to do is purchase an upgrade for your license in order to receive a new license key and register it within Store Commander. You do not even need to reinstall the application. The support duration acquired with the purchase of your upgrade will be cumulated with the support period you have left with your former license type.


Q: What are the pre-requisites to run Store Commander on my online shop?

To be able to run Store Commander on your shop, the ionCube module must be activated on your server. If it is not activated, Store Commander's starter screen will display a message to that effect. You will then need to contact your administrator/web hosting company so that they proceed with its activation. 

Store Commander is compatible with all online stores running under Prestashop 1.0 to 1.6.x.


Q: What means of payment do you accept?

A: We accept online payments by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal along with bank wire transfers. You do not have to create a Paypal account if you do not wish and the Paypal payment page gives you the choice.


Q: A question to ask?

A: Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to respond as quickly as possible.





100% satisfied clients

  • Stocks management is crucial for any respectable e-shop. With Store Commander, I can manage all on the fly and I spend 5 minutes where it previously took me 1 hour. I sincerely recommend it!
    Béatrice Neumaster, Store Manager
  • I have just modified all my delivery dates in less than 10 minutes for all my 300 products in 2 languages... This is fantastic!
    Fabrice Koch, Store Manager
  • With Store Commander we gain invaluable time to organise our categories. The tool is simple to get to grip with and the support team is always reactive!
    Antonin Lefebvre, Store Manager
  • We regularly recommend Store Commander to our customers who pest against Prestashop back-office slowness when they want to update their catalog. This application offers a fast and intuitive interface allowing our merchants to gain invaluable time.
    Cyrille Messageot,
    Newquest Web Agency
  • A quick word to say that managing my catalog of products has turned into a pleasant task since I have been using Store Commander. A real pleasure and above all a genuine time-saving application. Well done to your team!
    Eric Frohlich
  • Store Commander? Go for it! It is a winner!
    Y Sebbag, Store Manager
  • I have been using Store Commander for a year now. Looking back, I believe my investment is twice reimbursed!
    Franck Edel, Store Manager
    Aecamp Accessoires
  • With Store Commander, I can upload all of my 9000 products within 14 seconds chrono. I can also find a product in less than 3 seconds now.
    Philippe Moura, Store Manager
  • A huge time-saver! It previously took me hours to integrate my products one by one into my Prestashop catalog. With Store Commander, I just need to import my database and all my products are created in just one minute
    Géraldine Zimmer, Store Managere
  • Store Commander is the precise answer to a daily issue : efficient online management, organising products quickly and... save invaluable time. A tool really complimentary to Prestashop which covers for its weaknesses in terms of catalog management.
    Benoit Chopin, President
  • Simply excellent, such speed to modify and add products directly to my shop, visibility on all your products, etc.
    Alain Girault, Manager
  • Store Commander ? I wonder how other Store Managers can run their store without it.
    F. Mounhim, webmaster
  • Do not waste any more time tryint to gain some... Embrace Store Commander's power now!
    Philippe Moura, Co-Store Manager
  • Store Commander is indispensable to run my store as I have lots of combinations. With Store Commander I save a great deal of time.
    Yoan Le Bobinnec, webdesigner / Store Manager
    tapis-de-cartes.com and distripoker.com
  • I could never envisage developing a Prestashop store without using Store Commander.
    Mme Charles, Store Managere
  • Store Commander? Go for it! Time is money!
    Stéphane Molina, Director
  • If you want to be able to concentrate on your turnover and develop your sales, then Store Commander is a definite "MUST-HAVE".
    Eddy Avril, Store Manager
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